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Alberto Santiago  Sydney, Australia

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About Alberto

Drawn to fantasy and the hyper-real, searching for beauty; painting girls in ‘Sweet Lolita’ clothing, fascinated by their intricacy and layering of materials. There is a display of attractiveness that is classic and non gratuitous something that is more lustful than revealing more skin. There is much said in the staring eyes of a character as if thoughts are sent telepathically.

These paintings are a photograph from the minds eye with filters that are subject to emotion and environment. The resulting image is a distorted view of an amalgamated portrait of the subject and myself.

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"I saw this Turtle and Girl painting at Darling Park today. I really wish I could take it home with me. It captured my mood... (and I'm crazy about turtles :) )"

"thats such a cool picher its hot"

"MY REVIEWpic a; taking solace at the peace and calm of gradual eventuality.pic b; candid moderation to the epiphany of youthful exuberance"

"To the artist: Wow... you've only been painting for 8 months?? I'm with Casey, paint what you love. Enjoy the process of how your work evolves naturally as time goes on. You're very talented..."

"Great stuff. Loving the turtle. I'd like to see some of this stuff brought off the canvas with some thicker layers of paints."

"Trippy!! I love this turtle & Girl!"

"The turtle couch is very intriguing...I would like to have a real one in my living room! As for the anime style, I love anime as well but you are too good for this particular style. It's true that artists should paint what is in their hearts, and I also believe that a good artist steps outside his or her comfort level on a regular basis. I'm looking forward to seeing you outside your comfort level Alberto. Don't stop painting!"

"Thanks guys and girls for the feedback. After only painting for 8 months and being my first works ever, I wanted to paint what I liked not really caring about breaking boarders. I love my anime hence the big eyes. Will be experimenting on something different for my next run. Cheers. Thanks 13BlueRust, I'm using oil paints."

"I think the pieces are well executed. However, I am tired of seeing the Same thing! Not an issue of the artist, but this sight has shown a repetative "young spirit" art Days in a row it seems. Anime eyes, humanistic qualities, and repetative genres, are boring me. I love the use of black and white though..."

"I really like the painting"

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