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Ryan Scully  Brooklyn, NY

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About Ryan

Ryan Scully grew up in the shadow of the DOE Hanford Nuclear Site in Richland, WA. The unique influence of dependence on a controversial industry, a striking desert landscape and the ominous importance of resources deeply impacted the young artist’s development. In ‘Always Moving,” his canvases are populated with rough landscapes and amorphous characters in a state of anxious flux. Rocky overhangs struggle to break free. Threatening clouds sweep in and out of frame. Multiple inhabitants scurry towards perceived safety or to join in a group offense. These elements share an unsettling yet cooperative relationship. They are in a state of push and pull, an ever twisting but also evolving relationship in which life and it’s environment struggle against each other yet ultimately become equal and find space to co-exist.

Ryan Scully earned his BFA from Central Washington University and his MFA from the New York Academy of Art.

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"These bloated pink harmless-looking creatures (I feel an urge to pop them) could be what we look like after the earth is depleted of resources or somehow destroyed and a millenia passes--the impression of helpless lolling in a pleasant landscape sort of lends hope to the idea of rebirth from nothing but devastation."

"MY REVIEWpic a; uncertainty of the adventure into the synthesis of psychic complexes.pic b; the natural struggle of biological organs to survive over contending challenges."

"Wow look like a genetics experiment gone wrong, I also like your clouds, you have a good surrealest style, I like it!!!"

"I feel the flux! Smooth Scully."

"i like clouds too!"

"Hey! They posted my favorite one! I gotcha!"

"Amazing work! I love the smoothe texture, looks like human flesh"


"yur picchers r cool"

"That's so funny; these reminded me of the pig lizard from Galaxy Quest, too! That was the first thing that came to my mind, and when I saw someone else made the same comment, I laughed out loud! Anyway, I can't say these are to my taste, but they certainly are unique and can obviously be interpreted in many different ways. :)"

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