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Gerard Dumora  Mulhouse, France

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About Gerard

Gerard Dumora is an artist living and working in Mulhouse, France. He’s the Artistic director of Vortex-X.

He explains his work by saying, “Vortex-X fits naturally in the sphere of urban art, even if it is distinguished by its three-dimensional approach, and its capacity to be grafted in the heart of urban space. A first thread stretched, between two points, with simple knots, than a second thread, than another one, again… The Vortex-X fills the space and little by little shapes it. From a simple geometrical construction to a complexity due to the multiplicity, we can see its progression as we weave it. Monuments, buildings, factories, natural spaces, the Vortex-X can fit anywhere, it’s the chosen place, full of memories, that makes the Vortex-X’s wealth. The goal of Vortex-X is to add value to an industrial waste by transforming it into an artistic work and by this way to lead the people to a concrete thought about ‘upcycling’.”

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