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Matthew Savidge  London, UK

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About Matthew

Tracing Landscapes is part installation and part experiment. The idea was to trace a view from the top of May Hill directly onto a large sheet of perspex. My perspective of the view would change constantly with every movement, so the drawing became abstract from the start, even though I was only ever tracing what was directly in front of me.

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"So unique. I truly love this."

"i did do better than that on picasso :)"

"Thats interesting in many ways...Never seen this type of art before."

"I did something very similar to this a couple of years ago. check it out..."

"Interesting concept....but why go to the length of a 6 minute video of the process and not really show the actual drawing with much detail? It ends up being an exercise in watching a guy scribble on a lime-green sheet of plastic."

"Interesting on a grand scale."

"Interesting idea. What material did you use to trace landscape?also what type of material is perspex? Is it like plexiglass or acrylic?ThanksRosie"

"I don't really care for everything in his portfolio site, but I really enjoyed the clever "Found Address" project. However, the glaring grammar errors in the printed mail piece and the online gallery really detract from the project. They don't appear to be intentional errors, but rather oversights from a lack of proofreading. He may be dedicated and passionate about his work, but this communicates laziness."

"VERY creative and original. Something I haven't seen done before. Wish I could see some of your completed work."

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