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Buff Diss  Melbourne, Australia

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About Buff

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Buff Diss is a non-traditional ‘street artist.” Instead of wielding spray paint and markers, Buff Diss’s tool of choice is masking tape. His love of traditional graffiti led him to see the city as canvas and paved the way for his unique style of art. Since the tape is removed so easily, he’s stumped government officials from city to city and Buff Diss ‘enjoys the confusion it creates for them.” He enjoys the tactile interaction with architecture, city streets and derelict buildings.

Also, be sure to check out this video of Buff talking about his work.

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"This says to me, that there is an invisible realm right before us and we walk through it everyday unaware that it is actually there!"

"That's cool."

"Its so brilliant how orginal Buff is. He's a breath of fresh air from the normal graffiti artists. He's got some really complex work that Im hoping to analyse and use within my exam. Thanks for the inspirataion."

"that is good."

"what a treat! AWESOME !"

"How unique is this !!!! Fascinating and cool."

"i like how you more or less make your own name for yourself."

"Gives the thought of tracing the dead body of a cultural imagery on the city's jungle floor"

"What a great idea! This is wonderful."

"I love it. Its Awesome. I want to walk down that street just because its there."

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