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Steven Spencer  London, UK

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About Steven

Spencer’s unique and stunning works on canvas represent a departure from his photographic work. These bold and graphic statements explore themes of national identity, military power and the social issues of our modern times and are produced using stencils, spray paint and hand finished brushwork.

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"Can you tell me where I can find information on Steven please? love the work"

"Almost forgot to comment... What i feel from this picture is the appreciation of an american s right to bear arms and fight to protect the land and people to our very last breaths. Unlike some countries where only the government and law have granted themselves and no one else the right to bear arms, great symbolism i see and feel."

"i think its up to an individual mind to feel any emotions from any picture so if you take it offensively then you will feel offended.It is just a picture maybe some symbolism there too but unless you know the artist personally then you might truly know what he was trying to express. For all we know it might be the symbolism of a well crafted and designed gun made from america he might just be appreciating the laws of guns and freedoms america has today."

"i don't have word to describe how much im absolutely in love with the bottom piece i am!!! i got sucked into it the second i looked at it! :D fantastic job"

"I think the flag/gun picture is good satire to modern society. But, it's whatever. Artists put their art up places for it to be viewed, if you see it as bashing are country that's just how you see it."

"i like the fact that these "patriotic" people thinks that just because the artist used a gun to represent the country, the artist should be hated and criticized upon. But everyone agrees that this country is a violent nation who seeks peace through wars and power. the pistol represents this country perfectly."

"Nationality defined, simplicity, juxtaposition, rock & roll, pop, dystopia, and environmental degradation!?"

"Love the flags, cool images!"

"just looked at his web site, one of the best landscape photographers I have seen in a long time, brilliant work. someone to keep an eye on I think."

"I love how people get so defensive when they think their values are being threatened. If you would look at his site you would see that he has a small series of guns with the flags of different nations overlayed. It's not an attack on America "Ess", it's just a concept. I think that it's an interesting generalization to associate a flag that symbolizes a nation as a whole and juxtapose that with ANY other object, whether it's appropriate or not. It's a dialogue and it doesn't always have to be profound and it doesn't have to be an accurate portrayal of our vast and diverse nation."

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