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Andy Council  Bristol, UK

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About Andy

Andy Council is a Bristol based illustrator trained in the traditional techniques of animation and drawing. The unique urban landscape and history of street art in Bristol has had a big influence on his work as has his fascination with urban myths and beasts.

Andy uses his drawing skills and love of detail to create bizarrely intricate collections of creatures; from rabbits made of tanks to dinosaurs mobilized by ‘lots of stuff’.

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i actually emailed him hes a really cool guy you see im 12 and an aspiring artist he offered advice i admire and respect him hes a good person

this is definitely a rare find-I'd say of the citysaurus family

I'm becoming more and more attracted to interesting paintings that also include crows. This one is especially nice.

i think "stuff" was used appropriately here. . . what would you say the dinosaur is made of?

P.s. Look at the artist website and watch the animations.

I like this painting because it makes me smile. It's sort of like a storybook illustration. Not my favorite art I've seen so far, but still really cool. Keep on making art!

wow thats Awesome!!!! :D

I loved his pieces called 'Monkey Jungle Fight' and Guardian - 'Disaster' on his website, realy expressive

Sometimes "stuff" is the only way to put it! :)

We can't believe our lucky find, a vivacious ceratopian. The frills of its neck shield are perfect for social attraction, and those two blue horns dangerously protruding over a salivating, beaked-shaped head with one eye glaring as if the beast were demanding, "Look at me, I was here! You are here." And as we study the bulk of its body, we answer, "Indeed."

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