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Henrique Oliveira  Sao Paulo, Brazil

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About Henrique

Henrique Oliveira was born in Ourinhos, Brazil in 1973 and hails from the university of São Paulo, Brazil. Oliveira uses wood collected from the streets of São Paulo where he lives, to create huge installations which he refers to as “tridimensionals”. The thin sections of wood are obtained from old fencing and boarding known as ‘tapumes”, are bent and curved into these enormous structures that seem to spill off the gallery walls.

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Dorothy O’Connor

Atlanta, GA artist

"More than anything, I wish I could see Oliveira's incredible installations in person. I am blown away by his process, scale, conception and execution. His fantastical "tridimensionals" completely transform and seem to live (as in come alive) in whatever space they inhabit. Made from collected wood found on the street, the tree branches and trunks have this strange fluid quality that makes them look like they will move by their own will and envelope their surroundings or possibly morph into something else at any moment. Truly original and inspiring."

David B. Smith

Owner, David B. Smith Gallery

"Henrique Oliveira creates massive installations constructed with wood fencing salvaged from the streets of Sao Paulo. Through these largescale works Oliveira creates the illusion of biomorphic forms bursting through walls and ceilings, broaching the confines of the spaces that they are installed in. His 2011 exhibition at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art here in Colorado was a real visual treat—Oliveira used his overlapping boards to convey thick gestural brushstrokes, which overcame the classic white walls of the space."

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"Besides the incredible craftsmanship...the relationship between the live tree and the painted supports in the loft setting is worth stating...or is the wood in the loft returning to its original form ."

"I love this."

"Very nice work."

"Very beautiful craftsmanship."

"I am looking for contact Email ID for Henrique. Unable to reach him directly. This is for an art collaboration project. Can someone help"

"Congratulations Henrique espectacular piece of work. I saw it in Sao Paulo and Rio it is amazing!!!"

"So great!!!!!"

"Wow is all it need."


"Truly, there are no words that could possibly do justice when it comes to describing your work! Only someone with inexplicable creativity, insight and imagination can create awe inspiring art from discarded objects!"

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