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Heather Dewey-Hagborg  Brooklyn, NY

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About Heather

I want to be as surprised by my work as anyone else. The joy, for me, in creating is that the creation takes on a life of its own. It is born of my imagination, but the thought which is its inception is only the seed of a generative process.

I am not interested in creating commodities. I am interested in exploring the intersection between art and life, folding one into the other. My work is essentially embedded; its situation defines what it becomes as it both influences, and is influenced by its environment. It is, in this sense, as we are: of generative origin, simultaneously products and producers of place. The work comes to life as a dynamic, time based process. It develops through interdependence, evolving as a complex system in response to its surroundings.

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"No, it's not aesthetic or does it show much artistic talent, but it's a fun drive by and she's got a good noggin on her head. makes you think as you're rolling along."

"I Think My Body Owns Me, Not Just That It Consumes Me Also"

"i like it. It's like she is exposing the U.S. for what it has become through her art. Good Job"

"kind of boring,who owns me is not something i want to think about as what can i do about it??ultimately futile..."

"A better question might be What owns you?"

"sorry, that would be "wasted""

""this sort of quasi-political art is getting pretty cliche??"my sentiments EXACTLY"

"Folks, the artist used alternating colors to allude to the Google Corporation logo. She's saying that Google owns us, and in a way, it does. Anybody prefer another search engine? Ever wondered what the significance of the numbers of articles Google lists with each of its news blurbs is at Ever think those numbers mean something non-random? Truth is, newspapers are written for seventh graders, and each of the news stories listed at Google's main "news" page is a concrete idea that at that moment is identified with one of the numbers from one through seven. That's how history--OUR history--is made by Google."

"whoever is willing to love me, and be loved by me."

"Kinda boring doncha think? It doesn't seem artistic at all to me, just some rainbow words on a billboard."

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