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Valerio Carrubba  Milan, Italy

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About Valerio

Valerio Carrubba is a hyperrealist painter. His images are anatomically accurate, showing his peaceful patients with their internal organs exposed. Shocking, realistic and at the same time extremely surreal.

Valerio uses a double painting technique and overlapping brushstrokes to create these extremely vivid, super surreal images.

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"I'm looking for contact information for Valerio Carrubba. Can anyone put me in touch?"

"reminds me of medical ilustration.definately not hyperreal.1950 style'"

"this is really creepy and messed up....... but for some reason i like it"

"I agree with Roger/1234asdf, I mean, you can look in any old medical book and find a picture of this, there done very well but that's about it. The show of dissection of the first one still works for me though, i like the peculiarity of the image and the hands remind me of the opening credits of Monty Python (on purpose, who knows) but i'm not a big fan of the cut in half thing in the second one, too biology class for me. I also like the idea of these dissections happening in these beautiful landscapes. I think of portraits of royalty way back when with the really intricate landscapes behind them and someone just decided to cut them open on a whim. If that's the case it totally works for me in "Degas is Aged" on his site, the look on his face is quite funny. Like he's thinking "i was just sitting in my painting and these guys decided to cut me open" So, i think if there was more happening in the expression of the face and less of a serene look like in these 2, it would take it from old timey anatomy books to more of a dark comedy and maybe poking fun at "the masters". Cause the "peaceful patient" look is just not doing it for me.But what do i know?-Sam"

"the mechanics of man at its best...what makes one tick so?"

"I am intrigued by your anatomical study, but I hung up on your description of your work. Hyperrealist? That term generally used interchangeably with photorealist, often refers to painting photograph-like images from life, rather than copying a photo. This work is much closer to illustration than hyperrealism. Your realism is negated by the idealized and surreal construction of your images, i.e. the stylized anatomical features such as ears, lack of transition from skin to hair, inconsistent lightsources, etc. You need to elaborate on your ideas behind the surealism at work in your compositions."

"this is a simply amazing beautiful piece of art!"

"WOW.... I am very impressed."


"That's awesome! I love it!!!"

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