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Michael Arcega  San Francisco, CA

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About Michael

I am exploring issues of globalization through history and historic icons. By using materials with significant pasts and iconic objects, I draw attention to implements of power like military strength, organized religion, and trade. My work is often about previous events that are currently being repeated.

Language and humor plays an important role in my work. Discussing serious subjects can be delivered in a cloak of humor more easily, much like stand-up comedians do. I try to deliver my work in similar rhythms and techniques. There exists a format of jokes which uses an accent in the Filipino culture that I draw inspiration from.

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Annie Vought

Oakland, CA artist

"Full disclosure: He is my studio mate. That said he is a brilliant artist. His work is funny, poignant, conceptually layered and impeccably crafted. Just in case you think I am being biased, Im not the only one who likes his work , he just won a Guggenheim Fellowship."

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"this is so cool what is the first pic made out of? to tell me what it is write it in your all about you column at the end thanks great"

"i really liked ur artwork it perpetually deep!"

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