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Kristen Schiele  New York, NY

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About Kristen

Having taught printmaking at the Corcoran School of Art in Washington DC and studied stop-animation in Berlin, Germany, my painting has developed into a layering of silkscreen and acrylic to oil paint, to create detailed, sculptural surfaces. Recently I have moved this painting technique to collage cut-out shadow boxes in 3D.

The most recent painting is inspired by stylized erotic horror movies of the late 1960-1970s. The scenes use cinematic lighting, props and exaggerated psychological conditions that play on sexuality and gender. The women in the paintings are curvy B-movie sexual sirens the erotica movies and 70s pulp magazines. Objects of desire, they turn the tables on weakness and victimhood with horror and exaggerated stereotypes. They are literally shameless, naked in the kitsch of the original context of myth and fetish they parody.

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"Edgy, scary, with an interesting use of color. Though it's not my favorite genre, I think it's good work."

"Great work.The colour combinations work well and gives each piece a powerful emotional reaction, yet in the one for example (the house) it also has a tranquility to it.Its this type of combination of non colored and intensely colored areas in perfect balance that allows a range of moods to be accommodated, making it a functional piece.The second piece is similar, but the range of emotions are now carnal, indulgent and is the instigator or prelude to sexual encounters.So the picture is a tease and a reminder that indulgence is also a human emotion to be satisfied. In this depiction it encouragesmaking sexual fantasies come true, at least the minor ones, and allows you to expand your thoughts and thinking on the carnal fantasies we all have."

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