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Brent Foster  Delhi, India

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A group of homeless children who are addicted to glue live under Bangkok’s Memorial Bridge beside a monument dedicated to the first King of Thailand.

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"Superb information, I am viewing back frequent to hunt for updates."

"bonesky im sorry but obviously the guys not committing suicide cause the bridge is like 15 ft tall and theres water to jump into so maybe look a little closer at the photos before you start asking questions."

"Is this a forum for artists or the 700 Club? Jimberg63, if there are things that you don't want to see, then that's your prerogative. But please don't pull your head out the sand just to tell other people what they should be doing artstically. Having to respond to nonsensical comments before I've had my morning coffee leaves a bad taste in my mouth."

"Is the guy on the top picture going to jump or does he have great balance. That picture has a lot of emotion because it make us wonder and feel for the subject in the photo. I hope he did not commit suicide. great pics btw"

"i am impressed by the beauty of each image. the representation of his subjects conveys compassion and respect, not judgment. this is not sensationalism, journalism, a call for pity or for action, as the artist's statement may suggest. it is a penny for your thoughts, whatever they may be. and, more importantly, it is an acknowledgment that these people and these moments have had a profound impact upon the photographer."

"Absolutely wrong, these photographs clearly have an impact on society. There are already thousands of photographs of people praying and enjoying Gods gifts. I respect you for revealing images of reality, something many try to avoid, but sometimes should be forced to inhibit."

"Wow. I try not to comment on others comments, but Gawd Damn, Jim Berg 63. I think that might just be the sickest, most selfish, blind, half-retarded comment I have read in a long long time. What are the gifts would you like these "brothers and sisters" to show to us? Maybe you'd like to see how they have decorated their idyllic little rooms under the fairy bridge. Offensive, to say the least."

"On Brent Foster's website he has 5 videos. 3 of them feature people praying. 1 is just of beauty. Perhaps Brent picked the wrong pictures for jimberg63 who really has a rant that is not about the art but the futility of social journalism to change the bad situations they document. Which is not true. Brother jimberg63 is usually positive even if he usually disagrees with me. Brent Foster is an award-winning National Professional Photographer of America. He has worked multiple times for the L.A. Times and other prominent papers. I believe art is a mixture of truth and beauty. Sometimes if it has too much truth and not enough beauty it can be the ugly truth but still great art. Go to Brent Foster's website for the truth and the beauty--and the prayer and the courage."

"I have an idea. Whereas I fully respect your wanting to bring to light our brothers and sisters who are not "living the dream", there are already thousands of you out there doing that. How about photographing people praying for God to intervene? Or, perhaps people actually enjoying the gift God has given to us? Just retelling the same story for 40 years has had zero impact on society."

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