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Herb Roe  Lafayette, LA

'Et la bouteille est bue'
Oil on canvas
'Valse du Vacher'
Oil on canvas

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About Herb

Herb Roe was born and spent his childhood in the Appalachian regions of Southern Ohio and Northeastern Kentucky. In 2007 Roe began to pursue a career as a fine artist, specializing in fine art oil paintings depicting the history and culture of his adopted home in South Louisiana’s Acadiana region.

Herb describes his work by saying, “My work focuses on depicting the relevance of traditional communal and community building events such as the boucherie and the Courir de Mardi Gras. The majority of this focus has been on the “courir”, the traditional pre-Lenten celebration of the Prairie Cajuns of southwest Louisiana, an entire day of masked revelry with its roots in the ancient Roman Lupercalia and Saturnalia. The participants don elaborate costumes drawn from medieval traditions, frontier era depictions of Native Americans and political and social commentary; costumes meant to simultaneously conceal ones identity and through the temporary repeal of societal inhibitions display their inner selves.”

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"Hi Herb,I first saw your work at the Big Easel in River Ranch neighborhood a few years ago and was captivated with the detail you captured in your paintings. My husband and I are about to finish a new home and are looking for an artist to paint a pastoral scene in a 13x13 wall in our living room. I would love to speak with you if you are interested. If not I would greatly appreciate you referring me to someone.Regards,Donna Hebert"

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