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Mike Barr  Adelaide, Australia

'Home-time Rain'
Oil on canvas
'Frankin to Flinders'
Oil on canvas

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About Mike

Mike Barr is an artist who lives and works in Adelaide, Australia.

Extracting positive emotions from viewers is the main focus of Mike’s work. He has explored two main subjects that in themselves are departures from the normal humdrum of life; and that is the beach and rainy-day cityscapes. Even though rain in the city may be seem negative on paper, yet it is a real-life drama that evokes both excitement and comfort when seen in a painting. In the last few years Mike has concentrated on developing a style that does not tell the whole story. He draws-in viewers and invites them to be a part of the scene. He coaxes involvement.

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'Stormy Weather'




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"We have some wonderful artists in Adelaide, South Australia. Another one who is awesome is Gerhard Ritter. Look him up on his blog..."

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