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Monique Oliver  Yorkley, UK

'Deconstructed Shoreline'
Acrylic on canvas
'Eye of the Tiger'
Acrylic on canvas

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About Monique

Monique Oliver’s paintings explore concepts of duality and specifically states of change brought about by conflict. Temporary instability in the paint is provoked through style and technique and the final piece is only fully captured during the drying process.

Monique describes the work by saying, “The fluid techniques I employ initiate a state of flux and motion while the mediums drive the formation of patterns that connect, disconnect and re-connect. Eventually the patterns stabilize, pockets of order can be discerned within the chaos and the final piece begins to reveal itself. Something strong and unique is ultimately born from the turbulence and upheaval. The process serves as a reminder to us of the nature of change and the equal but opposing forces of duality, which I believe, shape our lives. Painting is the way I make sense of things, my world and my place within it and “home” is now where the art is.”

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