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Richard Barnes  San Francisco, CA

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About Richard

Ted Kaczynski, our home grown philosopher/terrorist, serving life in prison for crimes either committed out of dedication to a cause, or madness or both, had not only been extracted from his rural home but the home itself has been incarcerated. The cabin was shipped across the country to be used as evidence in his trial. My work looks at historical and contemporary artifacts (in this case the cabin and its site), and using the imagery and methods of architecture /archaeology it attempts to bridge the gap between the banal and the extraordinary, the cult of celebrity and the seductiveness of the infamous. This work was exhibited at the Henry Urbach Gallery in New York in January 1999, traveled to the Triannual of Photography in Hamburg, Germany in May of 1999 and was the subject of a one person exhibition at the San Jose Museum of Art in August of 2000.

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'Lions Tigers And Bears'

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"Stunning work of art!"

"yes i agree with blank the top photo is kinda cheating to me, but the bottom one is very intriguing i like it."

"yeah im sorry i just dont see the difficulty in these photos. photography to me is supposed to caputre a breif moment and keep it forever. This bear isnt in the wild its stuffed and stationary for you to move him as you please to get the lighting right, this doesnt capture for me at least the essence of photography."

"Great work! I disagree with every detractor on this comment page. Mr. Barnes I'm sure did not kill papa bear and stuff him the way so many "wild life enthusiasts" do. If you looked at his website (ie: animal logic work) you would see he is drawing attention to the way our culture chooses to subtract something from it's environment and sterilize it in order to observe it."

"Oh! It is profoundly sad! I'm not an animal rights person but this speaks volume about unchecked power!"

"This goes way deeper than just your single photographs. I get it. I like it. How many of us would love to be behind the scenes and beyond such as you. Brilliant studies."

"I want to like this art but in the end it just comes down to taxidermy and museums. It' all about perserving things. Of course its art. So much is art. the question is is good or bad art."


"When I grow up, I too want to be Damien Hirst. But I will change my name to Saatchi Charles to avoid copyright infringement, kinda like a stuffed bear in a crate, as opposed to a stuffed bear in formaldehyde. I get it. COOL!"

"I think it is a stretch to call a preserved corpse artwork. So is taxidermy art? In my opinion, no. I do however really like the photographs of the flocks of birds on the artist website."

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