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Don Moyer  Pittsburgh, PA

'UFO Invasion'

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About Don

Don Moyer has practiced professionally as a graphic designer for 40 years with clients, deadlines, and budgets. At the same time, he has always been a big fan of sell-initiated projects with no client, no deadline, and no budget. Moyer frequently kicks off projects with the sole purpose of exploring to discover what’s possible.

His project “Calamityware” began when Don inherited a traditional blue Willow-pattern plate and felt a urge to redraw it… and add a pterodactyl. Modern audiences are bored by tranquility and prefer the diversion of monsters, explosions, and car chases. As Don drew a series of plates, each spiced up with its own calamity, people who saw these drawings on Flickr asked for real plates. Soon a Kickstarter project was born and whimsical drawings became a growing collection of fine-quality porcelain plates.

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