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Jennifer Garza-Cuen  Seattle, WA

'Untitled - Girl with Snake, Rabun, GA'
'Untitled - Man Waiting at Christ Station, Reno, NV'

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About Jennifer

Jennifer Garza-Cuen is an artist concerned with the complex weave of social structures, with groups and sub-groups and the continued impulse to categorize and define.

Working in a constructed-documentary style she explores ideas of cultural memory and inheritance through the revision, reenactment and recounting of myths.

With a basis in the tradition of social commentary, Garza-Cuen creates histo-cinematic narrative re-tellings more focused on posing questions or setting the scene in which questions will naturally form than coming to conclusions or providing answers.

Finally, as a former expatriate American, Garza-Cuen is primarily interested in American themes: American mythology, empire, society, regions, sub-cultures and their norms and customs as well as the idea of ‘American-ness’ as it affects her own, continuing, self-defining process.

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'Eye Contact'




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"wow this is a perfect picture, it's just a picture but it tells a story, this is an amazing picture"

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