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Stephen Knapp  Princeton, MA

'Transformed Orange'

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About Stephen

Stephen Knapp is an American artist best known as the creator of light paintings, which have been called one of the first new art mediums of the twenty-first century. Dispensing with traditional media and narrative content, Knapp is one of a small group of artists who work with light. His light paintings make visible the light that surrounds us and transforms it into something physical yet inherently transcendental.

Stephen explains his work by saying, “Layers of shadow and textures and how they change and affect our perception of an object has long been a fascination. Research into materials and techniques has been a constant in my work. Out of these processes and interests have come light paintings, in which I separate white light into pure color and paint with light. Each piece has a presence that far exceeds its physical dimensions. Glass allows me to manipulate and explore light and illusion; perception and dimension. I revel in the purity of the colors, their breathtaking richness, yet I am most drawn to the edges and the soft shadows that overlay a whisper of color and the borders that define space. It is here that mystery and depth and wonder can be found. Perception and interaction lead to an act of mutual discovery, a universal bond of our existence. There is no right answer hidden within each piece, only a shared journey.”

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