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Dan Kennedy  Toronto, ON, Canada

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About Dan

Kennedy continues his explorations of commercial culture or as he refers to it, ‘the commercial unconscious”. Referencing material from the past two centuries, his work mines a vast repository of visual history such as cartoons, Farmer’s Almanacs, animated films, advertising and 19th Century song sheets. Through a dense proliferation of imagery, text and seductive painting, Kennedy creates a rich and phantasmagoric depiction of this communal psyche.

A sense of mystery, stories untold, buried histories and political unrest ease through the paintings and pulls the viewer into a strangely familiar pictorial landscape. Kennedy also references a loss of time, innocence, and consciousness that has been deceived by new and old promises.

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"great. i love the sense of a culture you can get from them. great work."

"Very bright and fun to look at! While it screams retro it actually has a totally new modern look. I love it."

"Even though it is colorful it isn't bright but however it does pull in your attention and keeps you entertained. Bravo Dan."

"I think that this artist is amazing! I love the modern abstract and I will probably keep checking up on Mr. Kennedy!"

"What wondrous use of color, history, imagination & more color.I don't try to analyze art, it either speaks to me or doesn't, these works shout "AMEN!" For those of you who don't already, always visit the artist's web site, they hide the good stuff there."

"RE: Darwin's Ghosts| They are fine art and illustration. I can look a long time at one enjoying it. I would enjoy it more if I knew the backstory of Darwin and 1859. Just as the Sistine Chapel is enhanced if you know the Bible but if not they are majestic anyway. These are my favorite type of paintings you can look forever at them and still see new things. This artist is fixing to have a good 2009 professionally."

"Kennedy's work visually and its layers of design and content is unusual and inspiring to me as a person and artist. The short bio was helpful in seeing how another artist uses art for multiple expressions of meaning -- mystery, stories, history, reflection on contemporary culture, loss, innocence, promises, etc. A first time leaving a reply about an artist, thank you for sharing this work, especially as I live in Maine and not able to travel to experience much great contemporary art. On my own much at this time with my own painting and my own style evolving, seeing art like Kennedy's helps me immensely to appreciate other artists' works and style; and reflect more on my own."

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