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David Earle  Leeds, UK

Oil on linen
Oil on linen

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About David

David Earle is a painter who lives and works in Leeds, UK.

David explains the work by saying, ” I am questioning how we view our place within nature. Humans are not separate from nature and neither is our environment. My responsibility is to create works that depict time and space as it is now in a way that makes individuals more aware of themselves and their place within nature. The overall essence of what I wish to create is something that will benefit all but contends with none. The works I produce are depictions of urban landscapes that are rooted in reality. The urban environment is not often considered part of nature I wish to point out that it is built up of materials such as bricks etc which are all made of the same basic building blocks as ourselves. Individuals can forget that they are also part of nature and it’s important to remember we are not distinct from it.”

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