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Jordan Eagles  New York, NY

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About Jordan

Explosive energy, inner light, organic patterns and bodily orbs: my latest series continues to explore the physical and intangible connections between the body-spirit and the universe. These new works are built on pure white Plexiglas and marked with minimal organic forms. The curves and flows, created with blood, allow the sleek and smooth synthetic elements to exist in harmony with the organic – illuminating the finite details of the blood as well as its infinite cosmic energy.

In the presence of light, the translucency of the blood is revealed under and between multiple layers of clear resins. (An additional UV coating is applied to each piece to ensure the archival life of the organic material). The multi-dimensionality of each piece retains and vibrates the light, illuminating pools of reds/blacks and proteins with sealed-in air bubbles; simultaneously one could be viewing microscopic, cellular details as well as large scale photographic images of planets.

In some instances the graphic spills, splats and organic patterns conjure the flow of creatures in flight or aerial views of crop circles or the inner rings of trees. The blood mixed with copper, creates an effect that is not unlike erupting molten lava – a sparkling geology of vibrant colors and seemingly prehistoric textures that range from fiery orange to deep crimson.

I have been using blood in my work for almost a decade. Although my techniques and aesthetic are continuously evolving, the underlying themes remain constant and continue to inspire me in fresh directions. In this new series, I allow the forms and materiality to stand at the forefront, presenting an unbiased reflection of mortality, spirituality and infinity, while still offering the viewer space for a visceral and primal response. Some say they see in the work the astral origins of life while others see gunshots wounds. Regardless, the use of a flesh-based material to explore something as seemingly intangible as the spirit imparts a profound balance. Blood, most often symbolizing physical death, is in fact a life force. By using and preserving blood from an expired source in a new, regenerative context, my works celebrate the rebirth process that I believe the body-spirit undergoes once life, as we know it, has ceased. The resulting works become moments frozen in time, suggesting that our body-spirits exist in a multitude of physical and spiritual forms – continuums that transcend our individual lives only to be reborn as something different, something new, something that is part of who we already were.

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"It is difficult to remain untouched by the sight of Jordan's work. It has an effect on everyone, in one way or another. Therein lies the brilliance of it. Can't wait to see more !"

"One can see deepness of rebirth along with stored energy from within. Jordan's work can feed energy to a starving soul!"

"Fabulous medium.....time effort and control!!"

"I experience deep feelings of rebirth along with energy from within. Eagles work is energy from my soul. Fabulous!!!!"

"I like the fact that the artist can articulate the thought behind the work. Based on the response from some of the people here, I'd imagine he has had some engaging conversations around his work.Regardless of liking it or not you immediately have a reaction to it!"

"Jordan Eagles' work shows amazing creativity. I have seen some of his pieces in person and appreciated the sense of design. The luminosity and high contrast throughout his paintings gives the viewer a sense depth and life.I believe Jordan Eagles' art is very collectible."

"love it,well done,interesting concept.........x"

"I think this work is very interesting. The amount of dialogue it has generated alone is a sign of it's impact. The argument of whether this is or is not art and whether or not it is "good art" is part of an ongoing argument largely based in philosophical discourse. If you want you can go back and read the metaphysics, Humanist tradition, Structuralists, Post-stucturalists and on, which will in all likelihood bore you. Then if you have ample time on your hands you can engage in that endless debate. Otherwise lets just explore the work and see what comes to mind. For me it calls to attention mortality, life, fear, caution and intrigue. I personally prefer the more shaped or encompassing to the splattered, as I think the splattered guide the response a bit more than I would like."

"What kind of blood does Eagles use? Human blood? Dog, cow or other animal blood? In such quantities, I kind of think he must use non-human blood. Which makes all these comments about "our mortality" and the artist's own comments ("our body-spirits exist in a multitude of physical and spiritual forms - continuums that transcend our individual lives only to be reborn as something different, something new") kind of funny, I guess. And did I say pretentious?I'd have to agree with the dude who made the comment about the artist's work being "just more drip painting"."

"This is the first body of work that has impressed me in a long time. Mr. Eagles' art works very, very well on both a conceptual and visceral level. As abstract imagery, his works are beautiful and stirring. That he uses blood, with the flood of conscious and subconscious feelings that this evokes, is a stroke of genius. At first I saw these as simply lovely and intriguing abstract images. Learning that they are created with blood made me, at first, queasy and disturbed. Yet blood is the very water of life, the fluid that gives each of us rise into the river of living. Beyond this, upon closer inspection of the works themselves, it is the characteristics of the blood that give the images depth, detail, and radiance. Mr. Eagles' work is ingenious and truly creative, he has managed to honestly pursue conceptual exploration while at the same time creating images of beauty and power. Bravo, Mr. Eagles, Bravo!!"

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