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Aaron Nather  Pasadena, CA

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About Aaron

When I was five years old, my Dad taught me how to shade with a pencil. That was the start of an addiction. At six, I created my own comic book league of superheroes. As a teenage skate dork in the eighties, I silk-screened t-shirts and sold paintings to friends and relatives. When I was sixteen years old, I drew a picture and won a scholarship to a summer art school, where I met my future wife, best friend, and mom to my baby daughter (all rolled into one!). It was then I realized that art and personal expression could change lives.

I make art to provide internal balance in an increasingly complicated world, and as an outlet for daydreams that would otherwise get lost in the chaos of life in the new century. My current work shows an awkward beauty lurking beneath the surface of beings who struggle with elemental forces in their dreams and nightmares. Their faces express the bittersweet wonder of being alive and wide-awake in a savage, alien, and sadly beautiful universe.

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"Aaron, is there ANYWHERE I can buy your art? I've been in love with Fading Enclave for years and went to the ends of the earth to find it. Alas, I could not."

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