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Reiner Hansen  San Francisco, CA

'Secret Smile (Self Portrait No.22)'
Oil on linen
'Green Leopard (Self Portrait No.15)'
Oil on linen

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About Reiner

Originally from Denmark, Reiner Hansen currently lives and works in San Francisco Bay Area, CA. She received a BA in Graphic Design & Illustration from Kolding School of Design in Denmark. Her work has been shown in numerous galleries across America and in Europe, most recently at Cain Schulte Contemporary Art in San Francisco, Kunstverein Buchholz in Hamburg, Germany and Jack Chiles Gallery in New York.

Reiner describes the work by saying, “In this series of self portrait paintings I hide within invented personas, each mapped onto my own features. There is a process of transformation into involuntarily ‘stereotyped’ notions of who these females are, like method acting in painted form, leaving a history of performance in each image. Simultaneously a game that is both playful and a meditative speculation on a fabricated ‘other life’, these images are partly about investigating the idea of ‘escape,’ not just away from ‘the self’ and into anonymity, but also away from the art historical traditions’ established practice of depicting the artist. I see these females as having contrasting properties: seductive, repulsive, flamboyant, needy and powerful, yet victims of their own exhibitionism. Desperately grabbing for attention, they are perhaps paralleling my own experience as an artist, aggressively desiring exposure in the art world.”

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"Looks like it is a photograph. Great use of color and shading, etc."

"excellent technique. i would not want to wake up to this expression at all least of all every day in my room."

"petty chill"

"The girl with the crazy eyes. too eager captured perfectly."

"The gold earring are very good, the rest is too, but the earring are amazing"

"Excellent use of lighting and detail to make realistic portraiture."

"frightening, ha ha, but well done!"

"sensationalized realism"

"kind of creepy."

"i like it"

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