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Philip Wakeham  Devon, UK

'Hypnos "Ethereal Light"'
'Theatre of the mind'

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About Philip

Philip Wakeham is a sculptor living and working in Lifton, Devon, UK.

Philip explains his work by saying, “The beginning point for my work is the Human Face & body Ideas such as myth and the divided brain are central to my work & belief in the fundamental importance of visual art in being human. I start by working in clay from life, then through a complex series of process end with the completed work in bronze. Unlike most sculptors i cast my own work in bronze this allows me to use the whole process in a creative way,So the Clay original is just the starting point for the work, it is changed and developed in the wax stage and again in the cast bronze , Every step informs and changes then leaves its mark on the work, I welcome chance and accident as irreducibly part of the reality of making (and indeed life) and so essential to producing true beauty and fidelity It is the human face and body that links all my work even when the natural and man made imagery are seemingly disparate”.

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