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Reynier Llanes  Charleston, SC

Oil on canvas
'A Day Out'
Oil on canvas

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About Reynier

Reynier Llanes was born in Pinar del Rio, Cuba August 15, 1985. He attended the school of art (Instructores de arte) for four years and at the age of 19, he completed his studies in 2004. In Havana, Reynier was tutored by one of the country’s most recognized realist artists, Juan Miguel Suarez.

Reynier explains his work by saying, “My paintings, drawings, prints, and constructions are the result of a creative and exhilarating process that I always find challenging and rewarding. They certainly have been influenced by my rich Cuban cultural heritage filled by family traditions of storytelling, myths, religious beliefs, superstitions, food ways and social customs. I have always had a rich imagination that assimilates subjective impressions and interpretations of events I encounter every day in life. I strive to capture and express these interpretations in my art to serve as a legacy of my thoughts of the moment.”

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