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JD Deardourff  Washington, D.C.

'Toxic Sarcophagus'
'Fire Walk with Me'

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About JD

John David Deardourff is an artist residing in Washington, DC. In 2012 he received a BFA with an emphasis in printmaking from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. JD has exhibited his screen prints in Chicago, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and DC. In addition, he has designed graphics for Burton Snowboards and album art for RAMP Records.

John explains his work by saying, “In my collages I remove the positive space information from comic pages until I am left with the vocabulary of comic book art that really interests me: exaggeration, movement, energy, the interplay of sequential imagery, black contour line, and, most importantly, artificial color. Before computers, separators colored comics by hand using a four-color (CMYK) method. I use screen printing to mimic this process.”

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"i am not sure if this is digital. if it is, it looks kind os rudimentary in part, sophisticated in other part... i want to go up into that yellow space"


"I like it!"

"This kind of thing turns my blood into electricity and makes me roar in the vampire heat of your shazam bam comic book beauty!"

"Love the work"

"i really enjoy this piece."

"What energetic, colorful, creative work!"


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