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Alex Done  Bucharest, Romania

'Mood 4'
Oil on canvas
'Mood 1'
Oil on canvas

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About Alex

Alex done lives and works in Bucharest, Romania and Berlin, Germany. He was educated National University of Arts in Bucharest.

Alex explains the work by saying, “My series of works are mostly pseudo-biographical comments, time-lapses of the memory, immersions into the realms of human incomplete realities. My interest as an artist is mainly focused on the theme of Time, approached sometimes from the perspective of a storyteller developing stories with intriguing psychological background, stories about our inner worlds, made out of deep emotions and profound states of mind, connecting past experiences with present ones. Time might be seen as a perpetual mobile, continuously touching and changing life, leaving behind amazing stories to tell. The every day crossroads determine us to make decisions and take certain actions which leave profound traces in our personal history. The relationship between past and present will always be fascinating for an artist who sometimes feels caught in the middle. It is mainly the psychological territory where I chose to focus my artistic investigation, putting forward my subjective perspective on how time affects subconscious and human interaction.”

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"Like sensory distortion"

"Gosthly blurry move"

"so captivating!"

"I really like this guy's work. Don't take this wrong but 'Mood 1' looks at first glance like Hitler at the beach. Can't lie, it was my first impression. I checked out Done's blog, and it's great work all round. Contrast between darkness and light is dreamlike, stunning even! Thank you Mr. Done. Excellent work!"

"Love your work, Alex. I also like the explanation - turns each painting into a story. I'd love it if your website or blog told more about your career and if you have shows in the US.For people who like Alex, check out his blog - many more paintings are posted there."

"this is bright. and abstract. and haunting."


"i like bright abstract art"


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