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Patrick Adams  Los Angeles, CA

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About Patrick

Patrick Adams hasn’t figured out exactly what he wants. That doesn’t necessarily bother him although sometimes he thinks things might be a little easier if he did. But who wants things to be easy” He makes his living tiptoeing his way from television guest spots to small parts in small films and traveling when he can. Wherever he finds himself there is a camera in his hands. He directs plays, small outbursts of youthful, political rebellion and sometimes they get noticed. His production of Peter Weiss’ “Marat/Sade” impressed the fine people at LA Weekly and they honored the production with the the title of Best in 2006. He likes warm food at both the beginning and end of his day and he assumes that one day he will get a good nights sleep. Until then, he will kick and scream and cry if he wants to – even if it isn’t his party.

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"think this one is trying to imply alot of gang violence and kidnapping type things... i may be wrong."

"This is one of my personal favs.It is so unique, it scares me.~kk."

"What could anyone do with just one tiny bicycle wheel? This photo may inspire a hundred little personal narratives. Such a muse you are."

"It's one of those nightmarish Dantean places where you find yourself waiting for the bus . . . for the rest of your natural life. I love this picture, and no, I am not Patrick's brother!"

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