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Travis Bedel  Phoenix, AZ


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About Travis

Travis Bedel, aka “Bedelgeuse” is a Phoenix, AZ based collage artist who is a graduate of the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences.

Travis describes the work by saying, “My artwork is cut paper collage. My tools are glue and razor blades. I cutout from printed vintage etchings and illustrations to recombine them into an amalgamation of anatomical, botanical, and other biological parts. My work varies in size from 5 inches to 6 feet.”

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"very detailed"

"the botanical anatomical wonder illustrated!"

"Your work is good and very interesting . Too bad you are so far away I have an old book of my fathers who was a chiropractor with some anatomy pics. I am an artist myself but not this kind of art . I would give you the book but I am far from Phoenix."

"I have a painting done by an s bedel from 1964. can you let me know if you have any info on this artist"

"Hi, I'm a freshman at Rochester Institute of Technology in New York, and I'm majoring in Medical Illustration. For my final project for 2D design, I have to base my work on an artist whose work speaks to me as an artist and is similar to my style. I came across your work and absolutely love what you do. Since I am majoring in Medical Illustration, I love your use of anatomy and vintage medical illustrations. I was wondering if you would mind giving me some more information about yourself and if I can use your images for a presentation about the you, the artist I'm inspired by."

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