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Tara Spicer  Queensland, Australia

'Drama Queen'
Oil on cotton
Oil on cotton

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About Tara

Tara Spicer is a painter living in Yaroomba, Queensland, Australia. Her work has been described as “deeply whimsical”. Tara has a gift for immersing the viewer into a world of Allegorical Surrealism. Her paintings engage us with their dainty tea cups – a symbol of the artists own for “taking time to connect with friends and to be kind to oneself” along with many other Allegorical Symbolism of the artists, such as feathers, top hats, nests and trees.

Tara explains the work by saying, “I create each painting, blended with intentional symbolism, in the hopes that it will “tell a story” and even more tantalizing, perhaps a different story to each whose eyes happen upon the piece. A “story-teller” from way back, the art of creating a character of depth seems to only grow within each new painting that I immerse myself in as I work. Imagination and will entwine to portray moments of lament, insight, courage and more. I hope that those who see a part of themselves in my work, will as they grow and change through life, find that their understanding of that piece grows and changes with them, and through this, discover new delights and symbolism within that same painting again and again.”

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"I love Tara's quirkiness. There is always more than meets the eye. I have a Tiny Tara and love it, and may collect some more. She has some great muses too, and they have fantastic costumes! I would love to see a self "circus" portrait Tara :) Maybe you have already done one, I'm not sure. Best wishes to you, Ally x"

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