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Caterina Pacialeo  Sydney, Australia

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Are we living our truth, our dream or are we merely caught in a trance of social conditioning” Such questions are part of this observational body of work, which documents the temporal and mental conditioning and social interactions of subjects occupying specific environments.

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"What I see...Is a child ready to come out of the mother's womb.When the box-womb becomes too small, then the box-crib becomes to small, then the box-bedroom/house, then the box-"stay in the yard", then the box-neighborhood, then the, you get what I'm saying? We are meant to grow, to keep growing and that is why eternal life is offered from Jesus Christ, so that we may continue to grow into a world in righteousness, peace and joy..."

"I LIKE it!!A shadow box of another kind.The one with the bottles of coke: Mommy, I wantto be just like you when I grow up."

"again I am SO tired of intellectualised art,all head no heart.If you want to connect with people work through the heart just about everyone here spits out some socio-political nonsense they learnt abt at art school,utterly brainwashed."

"I like the topic and really appreciate how you face and develop it! great!"

"It's like a cardboard Mondrian with a nude thrown in for spice. I love it"

"Consumer goods, technology and the by now redundant supply of many gadgets have rapidly modified our external ambiance and physical scenarios in ever increasing artificial and unnatural ways; paradoxically, not so man's inner nature and its linked freshness and spontaneity, as in this vivid and stark contrast of mother and child pictured against the background of meaningless and endless lines of Coca Cola bottles. Congratulations on a revealing picture."

"Pic # 1:"Life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans." -John LennonPic # 2:"

"WOW... a picture tells a thousand words!!Thought provoking it is.. your work is amazing and Im glad to see that others appreciate them as much as I do. ciao bella."

"I think art should be made for a art work is not a beautiful painting or a photograph which should be used to decorate your house wall.......i should convey a meaning which realizes people about their society and surrounding, an artist is the one who shows people the unseen world through which they pass daily and don't pay attention to it....So, I found your work really good on this basis.....james"

"we all have the power to change our lives. Visual images showing us that we are weak,unwilling and resigned to alter our situations encourage us to get off our lazy backsides and do what we are supposed to do. ie live to our full potential. excellent, beautiful work."

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