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Fiona Greenhill  Sydney, Australia

'Newcastle, After Dark'
Oil & acrylic on linen
'Night Markets, London'
Oil and acrylic on linen

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About Fiona

Fiona Greenhill is an Australian painter working and living in Sydney.

Fiona describes her work by saying, “The major theme throughout my work has always been the perennial problem of representation: where to draw the line between ‘real life’ and ‘art’, illusion and abstraction, transcription and composition. Although we tend to view this question as a peculiarly modern one, the problematic relationship between illusion and reality originates from ancient debates and was one that dominated the art of the seventeenth century as much as it pre-occupies the art of our own time. As such, I am interested in a wide range of painters whose works have incorporated aspects of the pictorial mode evident in lens-based images, be it Vermeer and his lesser known contemporary, Willem Kalf in the seventeenth century, seminal artists from the sixties to the present, such as Gerhard Richter, Ed Ruscha, Johannes Kahrs and Judith Eisler, to name only a few.”

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"I like the work. It demonstrates excellent eye to hand transposition, but seriously, "...aspects of the pictorial mode evident in lens-based images..." ??All images are lens-based, considering the eye has a lens.And, specifically, which aspects of the pictorial mode is Ms. Greenhill referring to; compositional, color relationship, focus, illusionary...??The statement smacks of pseudo-profundity for the sake of adding intellectual value.Let the fine work speak more for itself or at least let the viewer wonder."

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