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Raffaello Ossola  Como, Italy

Acrylic on canvas
Acrylic on canvas

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About Raffaello

Raffaello Ossola was born in Locarno, Switzerland in 1954, and studied Fine Art at the ‘Art Academy’ in Lugano. In 1990, after having traveled and lived abroad, he decided to live and work in Como, Italy. From an in-depth study of the figure, his artistic development passed through an informal stage and, in 1978 he introduced himself to the public with his first personal exhibition at the Galleria Centro Design in Lugano, to critical acclaim.

Raffaello explains his work by saying, “I’ve always liked ‘isolating myself’ in order to ponder life and have often preferred to do so in very special settings and certain “panoramas” which have proved to have been extremely significant moments for me. During the years this process of “internal growth” has become an integral part of my life, has helped exercising myself in relation to conscious memories; but above all it has become a way of measuring the personal sensations and emotions that I was unsure how to place in a temporal context. Deep silences and absolute emptiness, in which I have discovered fullness and completeness.”

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"The 'Where' painting hills remind me of the geography of the I15 north of San Bernardino as it climbs into the San Gabriels."

"Beautifully crafted ... evokes contemplation but is a rather disturbing way"

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