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Joydip Sengupta  New Delhi, India

'Sky Walk'
Oil on canvas
'Floating with symbols'
Oil on canvas

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About Joydip

Joydip Sengupta was born in New Delhi, India and earned an MFA from the College of Art, New Delhi, India and an MFA from the Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design.

Joydip explains his paintings by saying, “My artwork is about contemplating realities; most often a floating world that inhabits a timeless space. The complex architectural backdrops symbolize glittering superstructures the grandeur of which can be overwhelming and dehumanizing at the same time. These act like a stage onto which various unrelated characters are deliberately put together to create an impromptu association or disassociation. The blur of certainty gives rise to a new perception where the rationale breaks down and the past, present and future collide into one. The characters and props constantly shape shifting into something new. Marooned in the land mass of one’s psyche with memory and belongings, notions of the self keep changing and move on from one reality to the other much like the characters and props. In essence the perceptions of the outside and inside become one. My paintings narrate the structural, socio-cultural and visual changes that are taking place in a world driven by technology and urbanization. I am interested in the dialogue between tradition and modernity and the synthesis and conflict rising from the same. My aesthetics is rooted in the collusion of many worlds. Global identities, traditional motifs, cultural displacement, hybrid realities, indigenous symbols, fascinating and overpowering urban structures and complex human journeys all together weave the images in my paintings.”

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