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Benjamin Garcia  Caracas, Venezuela

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About Benjamin

Benjamin graduated from the Caracas Institute of Design specializing in illustration for 2d/3d animation before he started to paint full time. His first influences came from comic artists like Moebius and Bill Sienkiewicz, and then later from his true master Lucian Freud.

His focus is mostly on portraits with an aesthetic language that is implicitly dark and subtly surreal with an approach to his subjects that is often subjective and intense. His style is very much inspired by the nebulous and unclear images of the mind and dreams, finding in this his true base.

He has worked as an illustrator in editorial, cinema and advertising projects and has exhibited his work in Caracas and Milan.

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"Just brilliant!"


"Now that's art"

"Very beautiful work, congratulation Benjamin."


"Thank you. your work is so effective especially the parts of face but i think u should pay attention more on background. Although you paint it very professional but still it needs maybe some changes in color, tonalities and specified space. The portrait of below is better. Question: why your works have no name or number or date?Anyway really i enjoyed of your work. I like it and I like to look at them more and more.Be successful"


"beautiful work"

"The multiple exposures are terrific! BenG, it is nice to see that you include a bit of color, even in your more somber palettes. The lips are very beautiful. Great technique. Great portfolio! TYJ"


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