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Neil Douglas  Bristol, UK

Acrylic on canvas
'Night scene'
Acrylic on canvas

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About Neil

Neil Douglas was born in Bristol in 1978. He graduated from Wolverhampton University in 2000 with a BA in Painting. Since leaving University, he has exhibited his work in both the U.K and the U.S.A.

Neil describes his work by saying, “In my current body of work I am developing a process that challenges and enhances my visual perception and interpretation of reality. I am looking at the influence of photography and film in my painting, placing a greater emphasis on sketching and observations from life. Using my earlier works as the starting point of my research, I am leaving behind aspects of hyper-realistic representation, whilst maintaining its disciplines, with the aim of finding a fresh stylistic language capable of incorporating modern technologies without relying on them. The ‘urban landscape’ features throughout these new paintings, either as a backdrop or a focal point. I am fascinated by the city, by the textures and forms found in architecture as well as the varying levels of decay in man-made environments. This is clearly reflected in my painting process and especially in my use of mixed media. I apply a variety of materials such as plaster and clay to build up different areas of texture. In doing this I can explore the way color reacts to the surface, how the grain of the medium alters the mark making process, to create different degrees of realism.”

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"Extraordinary use of acrylic. This is so amazing"

"Excellent work!"

"Great use of light and shadow."

"Great to see Neil's atmospheric and inventive paintings on this site"

"o my goodness, these are paintings!? I thought these were photographs! there amazing!"


"I really love the paintings on your website. The style is simple, but very detailed at the same time."

"Wow! Amazing work. 'Night Scene' reminds of nights spent out in the rain at the steel mill."


"Excellent, moody, that. Right, then; I love your product, Neil. It hits me where I live! Know what I mean? Thank you."

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