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Chad Robertson  Los Angeles, CA

'Untitled 26'
Oil on canvas
'Untitled 26'
Oil on canvas

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About Chad

Chad Robertson is a Los Angeles based artist who earned a B.F.A from the Otis Art Institute of Parsons School of Design.

Chad explains his work by saying, “In our world, on the surface, we go about our daily lives breathing, thinking, sleeping, constantly moving, body mass fluctuating bigger, smaller, hair growing, eyes blinking. A never ending pattern of movement and growth. Every action whether conscious or unconscious is dictated by an emotion or desire. So much of what we do is hidden from the naked eye. When time is slowed down a different world and all of it’s details emerges. A truer self, intentions, motivations and desires becomes more apparent. Subtle nuances become main events. A casual glance or aversion of one’s eyes, for a fraction of a second, turns into a profound gesture suspended in time and brought forth to the consciously aware world. With my paintings I am attempting to show my subjects’ inner intentions, emotions, and motivations. The paintings have an emotional dialogue with the painted subject and viewer stripped of the conscious and unconscious facades.”

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"mod chagall, somewhat"


"The first one too me says "a womens hand in continuos life and the search and survival of knowledge"The second one too me "expresses the battle of strength in men in the mist of a release of the inner child and sensitivity within""

"wow that's cool!!!!!"

"i like the explosion feel its very attractive but i dont like how you cant decide what to look at"

"Ifeel friedship with these painting ."

"world chaos.. Day After Tomorrow nightmare eddition"

"WOW!!! This is amazing."


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