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Gina Kamentsky  Somerville, MA

Found metal, lead figures
'Saga #2'
Found metal, steel rod, ceramic and plastic figures

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About Gina

Gina Kamentsky creates kinetic sculptures which exist in the somewhat chaotic and messy real world and animated films for the screen where gravity is a bit less of a concern. Her path leading to this follows some interesting twists and turns starting in Buffalo New York where she played punk rock at night and during the day, slept under her desk at Fisher Price Toys with occasional breaks to design playthings for toddlers. Between then and now she’s created a giant clock which burns sticks of incense, designed a Limbo game for kids, built a series of robot sculptures on commission, created sculptural lighting for a roadhouse in Texas joined a motorcycle gang, and created several animated films including one about donuts having sex.

Gina graduated from Philadelphia College of Art in 1977 with a degree in Industrial Design. Her sculpture and animation work has been seen at the Fuller Craft Museum, Boston ICA and numerous film festivals including Ottawa Animation festival and the Ann Arbor Film Festival.

Gina explains her work by saying, “For the past two decades I’ve created “Mechanical Confections”, one of a kind automata and kinetic sculpture incorporating found objects, metal and electro-mechanical components. My work has been featured in The Sunday New York Times, Metropolis Magazine, LA. Style and The Boston Globe and exhibited Internationally.”

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"This person has a sweet biography and amazing contraptions!"

"Nice and different, very cool :-)However making basically the same thing for 20 years seems a bit boring."

"i think it SUX!!!!! that iGoogle is not going to be available to it's loyal users. We should be able to "grandfather in" :("

"i like it"

"I love this! Wish I could see it move."


"I love this stuff.... the video link on her website is well worth checking out. Gina's designs appear simple but are more complex when in motion. I could watch for hours. Nice work ;)It reminds me a lot of the exhibit at the Morris Museum in NJ "Musical Machines and Living Dolls: Mechanical Musical Instruments and Automata from The Murtogh D. Guinness Collection"."

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