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Sarah Joncas  Ontario, Canada

'A Beautiful Decay'
Oil on wood
'Learning to Fly'
Oil on wood

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About Sarah

Throughout my life, art has been many things and served many purposes. As a craft, I have always enjoyed the act putting pencil to paper, paint to canvas and, ultimately, making something from nothing. Though my work still exists in that scenario, it has also come to mean much more. Painting is like a vehicle for me; a way of getting from one point to another in more ways than one. In a literal sense, art has and will give me the chance to travel, but it also helps me adapt on an individual basis. Similar to a journal, I can visually see the change and progress that has occurred in my paintings since the beginning, which greatly reflects those changes that happen within my own life.

Recommended by our guest curators

Bradley Platz

Co-founder and Curator at Modern Eden Gallery

"I have long admired Sarah’s beautifully rendered paintings and drawings. It’s always a thrill to see her group show contributions and I’m extremely excited about her upcoming solo exhibition at the gallery this February. Each of her works are unique in their delicate, yet confident style, and tell such interesting visual stories. Sarah is an artist that has continued to evolve her approach to painting and it’s been quite incredible to see her progress in the last several years."

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"I think the second one would be called "Sleeping w/ the fishes" it looks like an electrical cord she's holding and the goldfish beside her. I don't know, my untrained speculation."

"The thing I like most about her work is how each and every piece seems to represent a feeling, a moment, a sadness every single woman already experienced in her life. No ofense to the boys, but they wouldn't understand."

"i think the girl is a mermaid ...........under the sea"

"oh god... jajaja pacos comment !!! jajaja well in this era is like nonsense to say that. I dont know if u know about art history(u should check out artemisa the first women in art history) but you are way behind besides, she is allow to paint anything if she wants. I agree with It, some painters do vulgar and ugly women, but sarah i think they are beautiful and very attached to her life i mean i u see a portait of her is like looking one of the paintings, cause u are putting yourself in ur work, and she explins in her statement, the meaning behind it."

"Really Paco? You're "leery of women making art with women subjects..." So I suppose we should just leave depictions of women to the boys, then, huh? Not only are you incredibly sexist, but also either a shallow thinker and/or stupid. Wheter or not you think this particular woman's art depicts women in a grotesquae manner is completely subjective. I think the depiction eerily beautiful. Moreover, I have seen many male depictions of women in art and find many of them vulgar and at times just plain hateful.Should we caution them that we are leery of men depicting women? I think not.Think just a little before you write and save us all from your idiocy next time.Thanks."

"There are some decent paintings on her website but I don't understand how she can be ranked higher than artists like Jen Stark and Jean-Pierre Roy. They have much stronger bodies of work."

"You're A Rock Star!~Go Sarah!!"

"Thompson,I thought you might like this one.I miss you sweet,love asha"

"I love the contrast of subtle shades with dramatic color, grounding the figure in reality, yet still capturing the feel of a surreal world. The movement is phenomenal. The eye is drawn all around the page and you don't even at first glance notice the fish nosing at her wrist until your eyes move completely around the painting.I completely disagree with the comment about the la femme in the picture - I think she's beautiful and not necessarily meant to express how the artist sees women but more of an overall representation of feminity and grace. She belongs in the world she's been painted into."

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