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Carly Fischer  Melbourne, Australia

'I’m sticking with you cos I’m made out of glue'
Paper and adhesive 1:1 scale models in MDF and perspex box
'We’re all in this together'
Paper and adhesive 1:1 scale model

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About Carly

Carly Fischer is a sculptural installation artist from Melbourne, Australia. Her practice explores the precariousness of place and cultural identity in an increasingly globalised contemporary reality. Working site specifically with different spaces internationally, her sculptural installations investigate the relationship between the local realities of places and their global reproduction as homogenised cultural clichés. Remixing the detritus that litters specific places with clichés sourced from surrounding visual culture, Fischer constructs generic paper model replacements. Inhabiting an ambiguously hybrid space, her installations merge deadpan re-enactments of reality with commodified cultural packages.

Carly Fischer was born in Melbourne, Australia and graduated with a BA Honours in Fine Art Sculpture from RMIT University in 2000. She has exhibited widely in Australia, Germany, Austria, the US, the UK, and Japan and was based in Berlin for the last 4 years. Recent exhibitions include Gippsland Art Gallery, Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery and Helen Gory Galerie, Australia, KWADRAT and REH Kunst Berlin/Germany, Kunstraum Pro Art, Hallien/Austria, NEXT Fair Art Chicago and Swimming Pool Project Space, Chicago/US. Fischer has been the recipient of grants such as the Australia Council Skills & Arts Development Grant and the Australia Council New Work Grant and featured in publications such as Artlink, Vogue Living Australia, Berlin Art Link, The Age and Die Tageszeitung.

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'Smoke Break'

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"I don't understand what is added by creating the objects in paper. Looking at the installation photos on the artist's website, I would have thought the same effect could be achieved by using found objects. If the goal is to examine cultural identity through everyday objects, why create fake objects to look like real objects? It says the artist creates "generic paper model replacements" but they look like brand-specific imitations to me. I must be missing something here."

"Fun :)"

"Do you worry about brand copyright infringement in your work? Just curious."


"Remarkable work Carly! Now I feel badly for I just switched from Marlboro Black 100s to Camel 99s! A fine blend of Turkish & domestic robust tobaccos indeed! After 46 yrs. with the other, I wonder what took my Camel so long to get here...? Now, I want to drive her to Australia; sez I to meself, of course; an' who else would listen. yes."

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