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Dave Delaney  Drexel Hill, PA

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About Dave

About Dave:

Growing up Dave was surrounded by creative family influences, including his grandfather who was a painter and illustrator, his mother who is a painter, his father who is a genius with a knack for auto restoration, and his brother who is a musician.

Dave began his formal artistic training under the tutalage of his grandfather, then in high school with a concentration in art (and an unofficial minor in skateboarding). He went on to earn a BFA in illustration from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, where he discovered a community of skateboarding artists within which he flourished.

He lived and worked in the city of Philadelphia for years following college, earning a living as a web designer.

Dave currently paints and illustrates full time and is also an avid amateur photographer. He is an explorer at heart, and splits his spare time between urban and rural adventures, deriving inspiration from all things manufactured and natural alike.

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"Excellent flat work. Characterful. Your color blendfor the dude's pants is masterful. The lateral movement and curves of resistance for the study of the red-headed girl offer numerous semi-strong,adequately, but not overly stated patterns. The patterns rest and stimulate the eye. One can see eighteen or sosub-pat terns. Correspond with the best read man in the world,Uncle Chris adequately,"

"Dave will be showing at the Gallery for the whole month, Dec 2010! If you're in Philly check it out or visit us online http://www.SlingluffGallery.comThe work includes portraits and still lifes about skateboarding, bowling, photography and other random subjects.11 W. Girard Ave. Philadelphia. Opening reception 6-9 PM. Show runs Dec. 4th " 26th."

"i love it !"

"Thank you Dave. I too appreciate your lighting and I think your vision of what to capture in such depth says something about what you can focus on for hours. People."

"I like the simple almost flat rendering style. Very cool/"

"Such a simple painting but speaks volumes. Simply Beautiful ~"

"alright painting skills, i did, however, find it hard to find any art in any of the work. As a skateboarder myself, i couldn't spot any cultural or sub-culturalresponse to anything relevant in our post-consumersociety. keep painting man, just try to say somethingcool or make it more interesting. good commericialwork though."

"I also love the tatoo piece - tatoos on his arms - tatoos in the wood!! Such a great statement. I love the man in black against a delicate light, clean wood - excellent! The features of each portrait are perfectly executed - not overworked - just as simple, beautiful as the wood textures in the background - such great work - thanks for sharin'"

"I love this - the redness of the wood with her red hair - her delicately colored face and the bubbles!! WOW - PERFECT PIECE!! Faboooooooo!!"

"I love the warmth of the wood background."

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