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Michelle Doll  Hoboken, NJ

'Acoustic Shadow'
Oil on mylar
Oil on mylar

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About Michelle

Michelle Doll creates evocative paintings of women. In her early work, she often presented herself — au naturel or partially dressed — in the bedroom or boudoir, attending to various beauty rituals. We saw her curl eyelashes, blow-dry hair, apply makeup and accessories. Frequently, a tableside lamp served as the only source of light. In her newer work, the setting is not as evident as before, and, in some cases, it’s a void.

“When I’m looking at the world around me, little things catch my attention – how people interact with each other, how light will shine on a face or a certain gesture,” said Michelle. “The images that I usually use come from something I see within the world or read about.”

Michelle Doll was born in Canton, Ohio and received a BFA from Kent State University and a MFA from the New York Academy of Art. Doll’s paintings have been exhibited internationally and have been featured in shows curated by Eric Fischl, April Gornik, David Salle, and Will Cotton.

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