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Jenny Gummersall  Durango, CO

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About Jenny

In life, there are cracks, breaks, destruction, beauty, simplicities and joy. The gift of life that farm eggs provide, and their fragility, reflect these metaphors.

The daily chore of collecting fresh eggs from our chicken coop is how I began this series. Late one afternoon, my eye caught the golden light that graced two of the eggs which I had just taken out of the hen nests. I grabbed my camera and the Egg Series began with the image “Two Eggs”. Over time, I found myself returning to these objects, clearly seeing their luminosity, beauty and simplicity. For me, this is a captivating, somewhat primordial experience. Studying the play of light on whole or broken eggs emanates the intrinsic sensuality of their shapes.

My goal with this series is to draw one’s attention to the beauty of everyday objects, to see things that perhaps aren’t noticed. I hope to create images that provide a peaceful plane, affording the viewer an opportunity to take pause in this turbulent world.

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