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Joyce Cambron  Beaufort, NC

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About Joyce

These paintings are about things I can’t easily talk about–isolation and intimacy. They are often representations of the least public of moments, those seen only by family or a lover: waking, stepping into the shower, a dirty kitchen. They both invite intimacy and cause the discomfort of intrusion.

In interiors and still lifes I have always and primarily been concerned with the quality of light, its directions and nuances. In this series, however, I explore how the depiction of light creates mood, conveys psychological states, and reveals emotion.

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"I absolutely love the second painting, revealing the ugly truth as part of our realities. It's nice to see a work of art that isn't based around an idolized scene. Looking at it makes me feel...human. And sympathetic to the artist, as if it took a great deal of bravery to extend themselves beyond the common focus of beauty as a scene and into beauty as an idea."

"hi, i love you drawing of the bed i am an art student and i am work on real life drawing and painting i have to do a life style poster on my self and you defantly given me some inspiration thank you great work why can not find ou any information on you on the website"

"I love how simple and pure the bed scene is yet how many textures their are. Then in contrast the busy bright colors of the kitchen scene. Nice!"

"Amazing work! The scene in the bed is not only a fantastic figurative piece but a gorgeous study in the subtleties of white.Thanks so much for sharing your work with us!"

"joyce, these paintings invite me into your world while somehow still keeping me at a distance ... quite the paradox!your depiction of light is astoundingly realistic yet you somehow manage to instill a mysterious element: one can feel the texture of the quilt and see with the clarity of an early morning ...what difference does it make what emotion you're expressing? it's EMOTION!"

"This is exactly how I feel today. How ironic!"

"It looks like a picture... this painting is why people say a painting is worth a thousand words..."

"Very nice work. Really captures the look and feel of the ordinary scenes and makes them extraordinary."

"I love the intimacy of your work. I'm actually in love with the painting "mexican plate" that you did. Not a big fan of the landscapes but some of your pieces are truly wonderful."

"Thank you for your beautiful paintings. In their subtlety, truthfulness, and deep feeling, they remind me of Chekhov's plays: "Let the things that happen on stage be just as complex and yet just as simple as they are in life. For instance, people are having a meal, just having a meal, but at the same time their happiness is being created, or their lives are being smashed up.""

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