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Molly Wicks  Brookings, SD

'Lines and Mold, Fungus and Islands, Perpendicular Happenings'
Mixed Media
'Byrne Type'
Latex on panel

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About Molly

Molly received a BFA from University of Minnesota, Minneapolis and a MFA from Washington State University. She is now an instructor back in her hometown of Brookings at South Dakota State University where she teaches painting, drawing, and design.

Molly describes her work by saying, “As an artist, I focus on how formal elements create non-representational landscapes. I use color, shape, texture, and line to promote visual compositions that relay a sense of the musical. Color fields present abass line or rhythm and texture and line work adds the melody and bits of the staccato. There are vibrations that occur between colors, there are tensions thatform between different types of surfaces, and there are harmonies that unfold when moving your eye from line into shape back into line. I strive for visual compositions that evoke sound. I listen to music and turn what I hear into visual imagery”.

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"Wow! As usual your work is amazing!"

"Molly;Love all the colors, just wonderful!Carol"

"These are aawesome, Molly! Really great work. I wish I could have shown these to my class before our recent music/mood/affect project."


"very difficult"


"it looks absolutely elegant yet tecnical i love it, its beautiful"

"They are paper strips... two pieces of Arches 140 lb archivally glued together with gudy o. Thanks for the nice feedback everyone. I have had an awesome day! Thanks Geoff and!!!"

"Strong work!!"

"paper strips?"

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