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Facundo Santana  Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego

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About Facundo

“I was born and grew up in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego. The fascination for the exuberance of my land was one of the main reasons that made me an interested person in photography. It wasn’t enough for me to just observe things, I alos wanted to make it my own in a different way. Photography is my genuine way of expression, of showing moments and sensations. I’ve grown up professionally in the last five years. And during those years, I traveled and studied to improve the style that now defines me. Currently, I work as a “freelance” photographer, with no route. My dream is photographing without frontiers and showing my pictures all around the world.”

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"Dear Facundo,I was very interested in what you wrote about your work and wondered if you'd like to help out with a project I am doing.I am writing from Bristol, UK.I am a community artist and am about to start a project called 4 corners.I am looking for one more volunteer in order to be able to complete the project. During a recent community project, I carried out research with participants to discover where they thought the 4 corners of the world are. Perceptions of this varied greatly but the most common answers were Alaska, New Zealand, Mongolia and Tierra del Fuego. This is of course a very British-centric view!What I would like to do now is to send one single parcel to travel to all of these four corners. With this project I am hoping to remember and acknowledge - how beautiful, diverse, enigmatic, big and small our world is - how we are all connected and have things in common where ever we liveTo make this possible I have been looking for a volunteer in each of Alaska, Mongolia, Tierra Del Fuego and New Zealand.The volunteer would receive the parcel. The parcel would contain a disposable camera with which the volunteer could take photos of themselves and their environment and a notebook in which the volunteer would be able to add whatever they like e.g; a poem/photo/image/leaf.The parcel would also contain forwarding on envelopes to an address in either Alaska, Tierra Del Fuego, New Zealand, Mongolia, or Britain so that the parcel could be forwarded on to the next of the four corners and finally back to Britain.As I am unable to obtain Alaskan, South American, New Zealand or Mongolian stamps I would be asking the volunteer to pay for the postage of the parcel to the next corner of the world.The volunteer would be acknowledged as a collaborating artist in the project.I would keep the collaborating artists up to date on when and where the letter, photos and leaf specimens will be exhibited. I have found volunteers in each of Alaska, new Zealand and Mongolia and so am wondering if you would be interested in receiving the parcel in Argentina...?I look forward to hearing from you.With best wishesEileen tinKer&Bloom productionspromoting enjoyment of the little things Contact: Eileen Haste, Nick"

"If you where my big brother, I would be proud too. Your a fantastic photographer and I hope, one day, to see your work in National Geographic."

"Vamosss mono!! ahora se viene el experimental con todo!! muy buenas fotos :D un abrazo"

"facu...sos un genioooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! bellisima foto....TODO BANFIELD TE APALUDE!!!!!!!!!!!"

"de una che!ke barbaro tu sito chabon!Realy impressive stuff here! Good job maaan!!"

"im so proud of ma big big bro"

"Ehhh facuu,primoo.muy buena foto che,saludosque sigas biennos vemos.fede"

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