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Reinhard Krug  Hamburg, Germany

'Islands, Hong Kong'
'Islands, New York'

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About Reinhard

Reinhard Krug is an award-winning art director based in Hamburg, Germany. His latest project entitled “Islands”, is a series of prints of floating cities, including London, Berlin, Hamburg, Hong Kong, Sydney, Cape Town and New York.

Krug’s urban portraits depict iconic cities in abstract isolation, reminiscent to the tiny worlds of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s Little Prince.

Reinhard describes this series by saying, “Im a big fan of large cities, and it always fascinates me how they’re little worlds in their own sense”.

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"This altered photo of Hong Kong captured EXACTLY what I felt and thought when I looked at HK from Kowloon!!!!"

"somehow reminds me of that old movie, astro boy......"

"Awe , The Rock We Must Build On ! Ahuh <3"

"coll really cool"

"Fantastic..Excellent..This is the stuff I am made of!..But can not do! (yet!)"

"Awesome! Makes me feel breathless!"

"the subconscious lurks beneath the city..."

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