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Matt Martin  Melbourne, Australia

Oil on board
Oil on board

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About Matt

Matt R. Martin is a Melbourne artist whose work originates from his love of life drawing. He is heavily influenced by film, representational art, and surrealism.

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"these are on canvas? I guess that explains why 'Unspoken' has 12 fingers. it took me a while to figure that out but once I did I understood why it looked like he was praying"

"First thought was this is amazing photography, until I read the description! I can't believe this is on canvas! Incredible work :o)"

"miseribly beautiful"

"Your talent is sublime...very extraordinary."

"I do not usually leave comments on others work but these are so beautiful and powerful I felt I must relay that to the artist..."

"This really caught my eye it is beautiful and so powerful. I don't send comments to people about there art but this is so"

"What am I gonna do..."

"Amazing ,intense work."

"Awsomely mysterious :]"

"Wow! These both tell the story of my last 2 years. I love it when artwork grabs me by the orbs and screams. These are fantastic paintings~~ari"

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